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FLAGS National Active Support Unit

Tim Kidd


Tim is the Chief Commissioner of England, and also holds a number of appointments locally including the Appointments Advisory Committee, a Training Advisor and running training courses.

“I’ve be involved in Scouting since I was 18 and I am now 52 (so, 34 years). I had been through the Movement as a youngster and then I was asked to help at a Scout Troop whilst I was a Venture Scout.

“Outside of Scouting, I am responsible for the UK’s academic internet that connects universities, colleges and research centres across the UK to each other and to the world. Whilst in Scouting, I enjoy running campfires and I also use my IT skills at various events.”

“I’m out in Scouting because (a) I believe it is important to be authentic and (b)) Scouting welcomes a rich diversity of people as it improves the Scouting that we give to young people. Being outing Scouting, makes the same difference that it makes in the rest of my life. It allows me to be myself and offer more to whatever I do, but otherwise it makes absolutely no difference (exactly as it should!).”

“I’d say to another adult thinking of getting involved in Scouting, Just do it! Scouting welcomes and is better by using the power of diversity.”

“Scouting is exciting, stretching and welcoming.”