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Simon Anders


Simon is a Scout Leader and his partner is an Assistant Scout Leader for the same troop. They are also members of SCAFEL, which is a national Scout Active Support unit for climbing and rope based activities, and they also both play in a Scout Band.

ďIíve been involved in Scouting for around ten months, and we both started when the restrictions on people of no faith joining were removed. This was because we are both humanists. We got involved in Scouting via the Scout website.Ē

ďOutside of Scouting, Iím a Food Scientist, but also have a number of skills and hobbies which Iím able to share through my roles in Scouting. Its great to be able to share my skills as a Rock climbing and Mountain Biking with young people. My dad was a forester, so I also have lots of axe and fire building skills.Ē

ďIím out in Scouting, as it would be strange not to. Itís such a non-issue with the young people and other leaders. If I wasnít myself then the young people would be able to see straight through it, and young people will ask the questions that adults wonít so youíll end up telling white lies here and there which is never good.Ē

My experience of Scouting has been Fun Challenging and rewarding !!! My message to the other adults thinking about getting involved in Scouting, would do it, its fun.