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Damian Fell


Damian holds several roles in Scouting including an Explorer Scout Leader, Young Leader's Training manager and Specialist Adviser for Inclusion and Diversity. Find out more about the role how Damo supports Scouting4All.

“I’ve been involved in Scouting for nearly 17 years (Wow that went fast!). My Venture Scout Leader asked me to get involved again after I finished college in London and returned to Coventry.”

“My career is as an IT Service Strategist for a UK and US based utility company. I have several skills which I enjoy sharing with Scouting including Circus skills, Backwoods camping, Geocaching, Mountaineering, Climbing and a love of wild places.”

“I’m out as an LGBT Scout Leader and have been since 1999 when asked directly by some of the Venture Scouts whether I had a girlfriend. At around the same time I was influenced by some shocking acts of violence against LGBT people (Matthew Shepherd murder, and Admiral Duncan bombing).“

“I also came out at work and to my wider circle of family and friends, as I believe that the only way to make the world more accepting of LGBT people was to provide a positive role model so that young people didn't grow up thinking of LGBT people only as an abstract concept, but as real people that they could identify with.”

(It's a lot harder to be homophobic if you know gay people, just as it's very hard to be islamophobic, anti-semitic, and racist if you have friends and role models from those backgrounds).

“It's been a long time since I've had to worry about being out, but being able to bring my whole personality and world experience to my roles is important. Not having to constantly think about what I'm saying, just in case I out myself means that I have more time to think about matters in hand rather than being distracted by defensive thinking.

“I would encourage an adult to volunteer, Scouting is a welcoming movement that values diversity and is incredibly supportive of it's members. As an example, when my partner moved from Yorkshire to Coventry to live with me, I was deeply moved that my old scout group and the wider district and county welcomed him with open arms and helped reduce the upheaval of moving, by providing a support network.“

“Scouting is Challenging, Fulfilling and Mindblowing.”