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FLAGS National Active Support Unit

Ben Nuttall

Ben and his partner are Assistant Explorer Scout Leaders in Hove.

“I have been a volunteer since I was 18 but was a young leader since I was 14. I've been in Scouting however since I was six as a beaver as both my parents were leaders. My partner started as a leader three years ago.”

”I got involved in Scouting as an adult as it was a natural progression. I wanted to carry on with the fun I had as a youth member and pass on the skills I'd developed during my time in scouting.My partner started volunteering after seeing the fun I had as a leader and wanted to give it a go.”

”In my career, I work for a large tech sales company & my partner works in aviation. In my spare time, I like to cook, a skill I enjoy passing on to the youth members and utilising at camp, I love being out doors too so camp is great!

”We are both out in Scouting, due to being in a relationship it's hard not to be. We've never felt the need to hide our relationship or sexuality but at the same time we don't shout about it, luckily we live in Brighton so the idea of a same sex couple is pretty normal to most of the scouts.”

”It's nice to be out, we don't have to hide that we are in a relationship and can just be ourselves, and have fun as a couple with friends while also passing on skills and helping young people developing skills.”

”We would encourage any other LGBT adult to get involved, it's great fun. No one judges you and you can use all of your skills no matter how small to young people.”

”My experience of fun has been fun every day!”