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FLAGS National Active Support Unit

LGBT Role Models

This year, as part of our LGBT History Month plans, we're celebrating the LGBT Role Models in Scouting. We have selected people from across the organisation to showcase, and share their stories. There is still time to get involve, and share your story. Contact manager@flagscouts.org.uk and let us know your story.

  • Tim Kidd

    Tim Kidd is Chief Commsioner of England

    Tim Kidd
  • Matt Mills

    Matt Mills is the Regional Commissioner for the East of England.

    Matt Mills
  • Simon Anders

    Simon Anders is a Scout Leader

    Simon Anders
  • Fisher

    Fisher’s main role is as a District Network Leader in Dundee.

  • Damian Fell

    Damian holds several roles in Scouting including an Explorer Scout Leader. 

    Damian Fell