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FLAGS National Active Support Unit

Service Agreement 2014


Service Agreement between
FLAGS National Scout Activity Support Unit &
The Scout Association 

1st April 2014 to 31st March 2016

FLAGS (The Unit) may also be known as FLAGS Scout Active Support Unit.


The purpose of The Unit is to provide support to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) adult Members of The Scout Association (TSA) and raise awareness, both internally and externally, that TSA openly welcomes LGBT members.

What Does That Mean?

We provide signposting and support to Members of The Scout Association around LGBT matters.
We encourage new adults into Scouting and raise awareness that Scouting openly welcomes both LGBT adults and young people as Members.
We provide LGBT adults in Scouting with a network to meet other adults and develop their skills.
We support the work of HQ teams, and provide support at Scouting events.
We support Members of TSA to attend Pride events across the UK.
We measure the impact of all our work to demonstrate our effectiveness.

Who We Are

The Unit is a national network of LGBT adults in Scouting and supporters; allowing members to share best practice, offer advice and guidance and be an acknowledged reference point for UK Headquarters and County/Area Teams. 

Our Coordinators

The Unit Manager appoints coordinators to look after financial matters (Finance Coordinator) and membership details (Membership Coordinator). The Unit Manager also appoints other coordinators when necessary in consultation with the national Manager (Scout Active Support). These might include an Events Coordinator and a Communications Coordinator. 

Our Finances

The Unit is responsible for its own monies, as part of The Scout Association. The financial year runs from 1st April to 31st March each year. Our accounts are to be provided to The Accounts Dept., Scout Association Headquarters, as soon as possible following the financial year end and a local Independent examination. In the event of The Unit closing, all assets of The Unit would be transferred to The Scout Association in accordance with POR (Policy, Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association).

Conditions of Membership

All members of The Unit must be, or must become, Members or Associate Members of The Scout Association. The Unit is open to all regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, providing they support the vision and goals of The Unit. 

All members are asked to take an active part in the operation of The Unit, either by attending at least one Unit event each year or by providing visible support on issues affecting LGBT members. The Unit Manager has the discretion to waive this requirement when there are extenuating circumstances.

Members are entitled to wear The Unit uniform scarf, which is a rainbow design. This is available to purchase upon joining The Unit. All members receive a Unit Name Tape. 


All members of The Unit must hold a current, valid disclosure on their membership record. If you do not have a current disclosure, or your disclosure is due to expire, contact the Membership Coordinator for assistance.


All members of The Unit must complete Module 1 (Essential Information) of The Scout Associationís Adult Training Scheme. If you have previously validated the training then you donít have to do them again. The training requirement for this module is outlined on The Scout Association website and the Unit will provide any support that you need. All members most complete Safeguarding Awareness Training at least once every five years. Coordinators and the Unit Manager complete further training relevant to their roles. 

Each member of the Unit will have their FLAGS membership reviewed every 5 years to record the assistance that the member has provided to the unit. Membership reviews are conducted by the Unit Manager (or his/her designate). 

Membership Fees

All members of The Unit must pay The Unitís annual membership fee by 31st April each year. The fee will be £10 per year, and agreed at the units annual camp in March. If you arenít already a member of The Scout Association in your local area, then you must also pay the National Membership fee for that year to The Unit. The Unit will be responsible for paying all such fees to The Scout Association on your behalf. Annual census returns are completed by 28th February each year.

Provide signposting and support to Members of The Scout Association around LGBT matterswork with local and national LGBT organisations to identify and share best practice, make their resources available to The Scout Association, and signpost Young People as required.initial Scoping by March 2015
FLAGS website to give basic information with signposting and links to other organisations that can provide more detailed information.Updated June 2014
FLAGS work with other teams to provide advice and support to local Scouting.on-going
work with HQ to ensure that resources are up to date and easily available.on-going
work with the Specialist Advisors in Inclusion and Diversity (SAID team) to deliver LGBT awareness sessions to local Scouting.initial sessions by September 2014
offer practical support to adults around LGBT matters in line with The Scout Association policy.on-going
Encourage new adults into Scouting and raise awareness that Scouting openly welcomes both LGBT adults and young people as MembersUse the FLAGS membership, FLAGS activities and Pride Events to provide a gateway into Scouting.on-going
raise the profile of FLAGS by attending internal and external events.annual calendar of events
FLAGS has a clear internal and external communications plan in place to engage new and existing members.annual communications plan 
FLAGS will write to all CC/RC's to promote support and expertise, which is available from us.completed by June 2014
Provide LGBT adults in Scouting with a network to meet other adults and develop their skillscreate a calendar of activities and events for members to network, share best practice and experiences.annual calendar of events
ensure attendance at Gilwell Reunion and other similar events.annual attendance
provide members with support to set up regional activities for members to network and share best practice.on-going
share the membership list of FLAGS with other members to enable networking and communication.completed by June 2014
offer members the opportunity to share their skills and experiences with other members and organisations.annual calendar of events
Support the work of HQ teams, and provide support at Scouting events monthly call between Unit Manager, HQ contact and SAID Manager to share knowledge, experience and information.on-going
FLAGS members are actively involved in steering groups and project teams, which have an impact on the retention and recruitment of LGBT members.on-going
develop an activity for Scouting events and proactively offer support to Scouting events.initial Scoping by June 2014 & annual events calendar
question, contribute and share experiences to influence strategy and policy of The Scout Association as an acknowledged reference point.on-going
Support The Scout Association to attend Pride events across the UKsupport the UK Scout Association to ensure a visible presence at London Pride by FLAGS members being on the project team.annual event
support the attendance at other Pride events around the UK by offering advice via a named contact and a physical presence.one pride event per region annually
create a box of resources to be used by local Scouting at Pride events around the UK'Pride in a Box' available and used at least five times a year
Measure the impact of all our work to demonstrate our effectivenessall events and activity is evaluated to high standard.initial scoping by September 2014
all pride events are evaluated using an online survey and results collated to deliver an impact reportcompleted annually in December
Support to be provided to The Unit:

Provide support for attendance and evaluation at London and other Pride events. This may include Staff support, funding and/or branded publicity material, and resources (subject to work and budget being agreed by relevant committees and on the workload and priorities of the Diversity and Inclusion Team at the required time).

Presence on the TSA website to be up to date and relevant.

Strong relationship to be built with the Advisers in Diversity and Inclusion (within Adult Support team) and FLAGS Unit Manager.

UK Adult Support Commissioner to support with requests where required.

Support from the National Manager (Scout Active Support) with Unit Management as required.

Support from Membership Services in managing membership issues, or support where required.

Development for The Unit:

Training and Development Support for the Unit Manager and Leadership Team
signedMICHAEL PRESTON .......................................
Mike Preston
Unit Manager
signedKESTER SHARPE ...........................................
Kester Sharpe
UK Commissioner for Adult Support