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15th June 2016

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26th May 2016

Upcoming Events

Essex Pride 2017
24th June 2017

Pride in London 2017
8th July 2017

Hull Pride 2017
22nd July 2017

Northern Pride (Newcastle) 2017
22nd July 2017

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2nd August 2015

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12th July 2015

Welcome to FLAGS Scouts 

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FLAGS is the National Scout Active Support Unit which actively supports the recruitment, retention and ongoing support of LGBT adults within The Scout Association in the UK.  This support extends to those already in Scouting or those considering joining Scouting who are questioning their sexuality. 

Our Vision...

 ...is that FLAGS will be recognised as an effective Scout Active Support Unit; offering support to Scouting across the UK.  We will actively support LGBT Adults forming a network of adults in Scouting to share best practice, and support key national events.

FLAGS will also work to support the retention and recruitment of LGBT adults across th UK.  FLAGS will also be seen as subject matter experts to Scouting HQ, as well as CC's and the Diversity Team.  FLAGS will provide support to Regions, Counties and Districts who wish to take part in local Pride events using the 'Scout Pride' brand


Our Goal... 

FLAGS by 2018 will:

Have members based in every county and district within the UK.

Be a support function for all current members of the Scout Association.

Lead the representation of Scouting at Pride events across the UK.

Be subject matter experts to the UK Scout HQ and National teams on issues around sexuality.

Offer education, Advice and Support to all members of The Scout Association - both adults and young people.

Offer support at all National Scouting events as well as key Local Scouting events.

We know that people perform better when they can be themselves, and FLAGS' goal is to support The Scout Association in ensuring that every adult, who is LGBT can be themselves.

Why not get involved and help us make a difference. 

Join Us!!!
Join Us!!!

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